The Story of Bo and Bella

Thank you for visiting my website. I've always enjoyed crafting and making things for my family and friends.

As a Mummy of two, I know how important finding the perfect new baby gift or children's nursery room accessories can be. So when I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to design and make it using my design skills and producing the gift on my laser cutter and engraver.  My​ friends loved the items I made -  and that's how Bo and Bella began!


All designs are my own that I "draw" on the computer. I then make every single item myself in the studio. I adore anything that's personalised or used to make memories with, as they make such a wonderful keepsake .

My new Baby's first year cards, Pregnancy cards and announcement cards are all little laser cut and engraved wooden disks. They're the perfect photography prop, adding to those precious memories.

I hope you enjoy shopping with Bo and Bella.

Love, Katie x